2017 Junior Premier Teams

By | 15/03/2017

KCU is pleased to announce the following junior premier teams for 2017.

Thanks to all of those who participated in our trials. The decisions were difficult due to the high standard of football from everyone.

Premier players — your coach will be in contact shortly. Each grade will practice together a few times before a final decision is made about the A and B team.

Names are listed below in alphabetical order.

Please note that the selection was made by an independent panel and no discussion regarding the composition of the teams will be entered into.

If for any reason players are unavailable to play for their KCU premier team this season, please notify your coach as soon as possible.

10th grade, coaches Dave Jessop, Richard Bland

Aron Mazzag
Billy Kerrigan
Cameron Warner
Cormac Barnett
Drew Hedge
Evan Bland
Isaac Ahipene
James Cole
Jesse Pollard Simmiss
Joe Levaggi
Lachlan Candle
Monty Hunt
Noah Ireland-Spicer
Oliver Jessop
Oscar Goodwin
Riley Baker
Riley Mead
Walter Bishell

11th grade, coach Aaron Mead

Carter Burns
Charlie Mead
Fintan Harty
Jordan Ross
Kaleb McBride
Lennox Collinson
Liam McCullie
Luke Howard
Nico Block
Thomas Mcknight
Toby Scott
Willem Young

12th grade, coaches TBC

Angus Mackay
Art Woodley-Hanan
Bailee Deller
Ben Hobbs
Ben Prosser
Charlie Waterhouse
Connor Simpson
James Spencer
James Stuart
Jonny Bertham
Josh Yang
Keira Pettefar
Louis Hodges
Lucas Mitchell
Maanu Frost
Neo Shearer
Ollie Craner
Oscar Kreuzer
Ruven Ferguson
Thomas Hedge
Tom Lynch
Tom Reynolds
Victor Morley-Hall
Zak Knight

13th grade, coaches Ricky/Alex, Bernardo Neil

Alex Jones
Alex Lindstrom
Andreas Patton-Jensen
Ben Warren
Campbell Reynolds
Daniel Dornan Rouse
Denny Gillan
Eli Ward
Ewan Addy
George Reynolds
Harry Goodwin
Jack Mulheron
Joshua Agraba
Keelan Harty
Matthew Andrews
Mo Andrews
Nico Anderson Howard
Noah Corbett
Otis Finn
Reece Litherland
Reihana Law
Robert Czibesz
Sam Penny
Taine Ruwhiu
Tim Pringle
Timmy Rosario
Tyler Gibson
Xavier Wright

14th grade, coaches Oggie, Gary Waterhouse

A Team Coach – Oggie, Team Manager Tanya
Alex Andrews
Cody Batty
Dan Whitton
Eamon Harty
Elliot Lyon
Ethan Krivan-Wall
Hala Graham
Isaac Hughes
Jani Figur Ambler
Mick Reid
Nicholas Rasmussen
Opie Wootton
Sam Teitelbaum
Tom McCulloch
B Team Coaches – Gary Waterhouse and Glen Singleton (Manager)
Alex van Shaik
Carter Storey
Callum Harris
Conal Forgan
Connor Hepple
Cullen Tidy
Fionn Gallagher
Hamish Singleton
Harry Nevin
Jack Scott
Jacob Callwood
Kian Haberler
Matthew Waterhouse
Niek Den Otter