Information for Parents

Where do I find the important dates?

Check out our Junior Calendar.

What grade is my child?

Registration is based on the age that your child will turn during the calendar year. So, if your child turns 10 this year, they will play in the 10th grade.

Girls can play down a grade. A girl that turns 10 in the calendar year can play in the 9th or 10thgrade.

BBQ duty

We run the BBQ most Saturdays at Mazengarb park and each team will be asked once during the season to have their turn. Remember all money raised from this goes back into the junior club and helps with things like our prize-giving. We will be in touch when your team is playing at Mazengarb park for you to organize parents to help. We supply everything that is needed your job is to just cook and sell. Please help when asked!

What gear is required?

All players (except First Kicks) will need a pair of KCU shorts if not supplied in your grades’ kit (check with your coach before purchasing), socks and shin pads.

Please ensure that the boots have plastic, not metal, studs. First Kicks player do not require boots.

Please look after the team gear. It costs us a lot of money to replace missing or damaged gear. For those kids lucky enough to have jackets and new strips these are for game day only and are not to be worn to training or school.

How can I help the club/team?

As always, we need parent support to have a successful season this year. The main areas we need help in is coaching and managing teams. The grade coordinators will provide as much assistance as they can and there are coaching courses throughout the year that the club will be happy to send you on. Please, if you are interested in coaching or managing a team this season, let the grade coordinators know as soon as possible.

Where are the cancellations announced?

Cancellations are given on 2ZB (1035 MHz) on Saturday from 7:00am to 9:00am every half hour then 9:00am to Noon every hour.

How do I give feedback about a coach?

If you have any feedback or issues to discuss concerning your child or the team they are in, please email the Junior administrator who can deal with your issue (confidentially, if required).

Rules and regs

Regulations can be found here. NZ Football Code of Conduct can be found here.


We love to use photos of our junior players on our website. If you would prefer your child to not be in such photos, please email